Here at Re:Place Windows we take pride in every single installation we carry out. We’d love to show them all off, and indeed you can find many more examples over this website, our Yell page, our Facebook page and even some images customers have kindly posted with their Google Review. However, within this page you will find two examples we thought we would focus on as they fall a little out with the day to day installations.

We have a beautiful detached home in Helensburgh, complete with two turrets, and we have Shawlands Bowling Club which was suffering badly from condensation meaning the members could not watch any action on the greens.


Wow! What a beautiful house in lovely landscaped gardens within a stunning setting, enjoying an enviable view. That view looked out over the Clyde and whilst it was lovely on a good day – needless to say the winds battered the house and often brought the driving rain with them on the not-so-lovely days.

Our brief here was to make this house as warm as possible and to try and reduce the noise factor of the driving winds, whilst retaining the look and character, not diminishing any of the majestic look so prevalent and typified with the triangular window tops and turrets.

We suggested our Elite Triple Glazing and showed off the energy efficiency performance via a free heat lamp survey. The customer knew exactly there and then that it was exactly what he wanted and hoped the 44mm thick triple glazed glass unit would aide in his quest for no wind noise. A technical survey was then carried out to ensure every single angle of each triangular window and every single offset brick within the turret were taken into account.

By the end of installation, we had yet another delighted customer who can now enjoy all the benefits of his beautiful home and location without any of the previous negatives.

Superb job


Re:place Windows Ltd made a superb job of replacing our windows. Scott and his team made the experience stress free and enjoyable. The workmanship in both manufacture and in fitting was first class. Nothing was too much trouble and they kept disruption and mess to a minimum. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone else.

Shawlands Bowling Club.

This installation provided an excellent opportunity to show off the energy efficiency of our Elite Double Glazing. As the pictures show, the windows were effectively glass walls as they were so big and the lounge area was very cold, regardless of how long the heating was on for. In addition, the members felt the old windows made the building look tired and the condensation present in almost all panes prevented them from watching others bowl.

Re:Place Windows agreed to renew all windows and the French door fire exit, changing the design somewhat. We installed new emergency fire exit French doors with laminated glass for extra security and a low aluminium threshold for easier wheelchair access. We also increased the opening size on any window with a casement opener. This had two benefits; to increase ventilation when required on a warm day, and secondly reduced the cost of the bottom pane of glass should it require replacement due to the landscapers breaking a pane, as they had done on a few previous occasions.

All in all, we had very happy members with a great, clear view, a warm lounge area, a beautiful clubhouse exterior, a safer emergency exit and a thoroughly thought-out custom-made design.

Attention to detail & finish was superb


No job too big or small….. and ours was a BIG job!
Attention to detail and finish was superb.
Quality Product, fitted and installed by a Quality Team.
I’d be happy to recommend RePlace to anyone including Family & Friends and other Bowling Clubs..

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