These terms and conditions regulate the Agreement between Re:Place Windows Limited “The Company” and the customer “The Customer.”

1. Ownership

A. The customer warrants that he is proprietor, in whole or part, of the subjects where the installation is to take place and that, in so far as he may not be proprietor of the subjects, he enters into the Contract as agent for any other propritor or properties. For the avoidance of doubt, liability among proprietors, if more than one, is joined and several.

B. All goods remain property of the Company until paid for in full by the Customer.

2. Installation

A. The Company will not accept liability for damage to telephone cables, burglar alarms, aerial cables or similar fittings upon installation. The responsibility for disconnection of such fittings lies with the Customer.

B. The Company cannot ensure existing blinds will refit unaltered after the installation of replacement windows or doors.

3. Survey

A. The Company reserves the right to decline this contract subject to the technical surveyor’s report. A period of 7 (seven) days after survey will be allowed by the Company.

B. Each and every product within the contract is custom made to specific sizing for each property and installation. Once manufactured, the Customer will be responsible for the purchase of the products even if fitting is declined or cancelled by the Customer, out with stated timeframes.

4. Glass Specification
Glass used by the Company in its products shall be of thickness and weight determined by the Company’s technical surveyors but will comply with BS 6262. Minor imperfections and scratches are not covered by the guarantee.

5. Delivery
The delivery period quoted is that anticipated at the time of order. The Company will make every effort to maintain or improve upon it. However, in the event that the Company should exceed the anticipated delivery date you have the right to advise the Company in writing by Recorded Delivery that if they fail to install the products within a 4 (four) week period from the date the letter was received then you are entitled to cancel the contract and have your deposit refunded.

6. Installation
The total fitting cost shall be payable to the fitter on completion of the installation. The customer shall pay such a cost to the installation team in cash or by certified cheque payable to the installation team. A receipt will be issued to the customer.

7. Damage
The Company shall be under no liability to make good any existing damage or any latent defects to brick or plaster work, rendering, painting or decoration, woodwork, finishes, fittings or furniture. The Company shall endeavour to reinstate damage caused solely as a result of the installation but shall not be bound to carry out or reinstate decoration works. The Company shall not be responsible for the replacement of damaged wall tiles or redecoration required as a result of the installation. The Company shall not be responsible for any consequences arising from the removal of brick or stonework.

8. Complaint
If there is a genuine complaint with regard to the installation the Customer is entitled to retain a proportionate amount of the total purchase price pending investigation and rectification of the complaint. As soon as the complaint is remedied the balance becomes due immediately and a such, does not affect the guarantee. Any complaint must be made in writing by the Customer to the Company within 14 days of installation, failing which the Customer shall be deemed satisfied in all respects with the suply and installation of the product.

9. Condensation
The Company gives no guarantee whatsoever with regard to the new products reducing the amount of condensation as the formation of condensation is completely out of the Company’s control.

10. Guarantee
The Company guarantee for a period of 10 (ten) years that where agreed defect develops in the installation, due to a faulty manufacture or installation, the Company shall, without cost to the Customer, rectify such agreed defect. Your invoice is your guarantee and it is valid on receipt of your final payment, if paid on the due date.

11. Access for Installation
The Customer will provide reasonable access to enable installation to be completed. If access is not given within 14 days of the agreed installation date as a result of the delay on the part of the Customer then the balance of the purchase is immediately due and payable.

12. Additions
This contract contains all conditions of contract between the parties except those subsequently agreed in writing and signed by both parties. No verbal discussions between parties shall vary the contract. Any additional work required and agreed to must be detailed in writing and signed by both parties.

13. Rights
This contract shall be governed by Scots Law. These Terms and Conditions of Sale do not affect the Customer’s statutory rights under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 as amended or any other statutory rights.